I Love This Weather

It’s raining today, and rather cool.  Here in arid Southern California rain is a big deal; we’ll have TV newscasters with the logo behind them STORMWATCH and a reporter will find some underpass that’s flooded with a clogged drain and some sap with a stalled out car in it.  Then after the TV shoot a city maintenance worker will pull the debris off the grate and the water will drain out.

Not that I want to make light of flooding; our unusual rains last fall washed out a main mountain artery that took months and millions of dollars to fix, hurting businesses in the mountains and making a nightmare commute for mountain residences. 

This may be irritating to those of you in wet climates, but I’m in awe of rain; here’s clean water that I don’t have to pay for.  I just shut the drip irrigation off and it falls out of the sky, watering everything without spray heads or drip emitters or valves and manifolds- what a concept!  It washes the dust out of the trees (yes, our apple trees get dusty here) and makes the ground soft enough to dig in.  The last few years have been good rain years for us and outstanding snow years in the mountains, so I hope this trend continues this year; we’re off to a good start.  At least it cut off a potentially devistating fire season.

3 Responses

  1. Georgia, like Texas, is in a drought so we understand the pains of no rain. I don’t know which is worse, expecting rain and not getting any, or not expecting rain and getting a lot? In a drought it has the advantage of being to slow to happen but you wait to do anything thinking it will surely end.

  2. I could easily solve your drought for you; I’m in construction and all I have to do is tear a roof off or dig a huge hole somewhere and put a bunch of rebar in it ready to pour concrete, and the skys will open up and dump a bunch of rain in it.

    You have my condolences; I know many people are hurting.

  3. I was thinking I would start winter pruning my apple and peach trees the second week in January. We are having a warm winter here South GA. That made me wonder when you winter prune in your area since you do not have much of a winter at all?

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