Wickson Crab Revisited

Because of limited space at my suburban yard, I nurture my apple habit by planting apple trees at local elementary schools.  Of course they’re happy to oblidge, and kids are exposed to agriculture and botany in a developed area where farms are far between. 

I’m able to grow the trees out a bit bigger in these spaces and it has shown me that I can’t always judge a variety on how it does at my place.  Varieties I’ve written off as being unsuitable have sometimes performed better at schools, whether it’s been from more vigorous trees, less competition, better soil conditions, or different lighting. 

This jewel above is Wickson, which is very good at my place, but here in full sun turns a bright, beautiful red, much more lovely than anything we saw in New England.  This is not surprising as it was bred by Albert Etter in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, where the summers are very hot and dry.  Apparently it needs this heat for best color and flavor.  These are perfect kid-sized apples and the taste will sure make them easy to persuade the kids to eat them.


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