Metulla, Israel


In the northern-most region of Israel is a tiny alpine town called Metulla, which is bordered on three sides by Lebanon.  It becomes a trendy location by February with skiers hitting the slopes if Mt. Hermon, Israel’s only ski-lift.  The town is also famous for the apple orchards which ring it.  Indeed, they are the prettiest things you ever saw, and the town incorporates an apple onto all it’s civic logos and interpretive signs posted on notable structures in town.


We stayed at the Alaska Inn, billed as “The Innest Hotel in the North”, which was quiet during the off-season.  The tiny town also boasts a steak house that has an impressive array of BBQ and smoker equipment outside; they take their meat seriously.  It also has the Canada Center, which combines an ice rink, bowling alley, waterslide/pool complex, gym, and pistol range. 

We followed dinner up with a night stroll down the stone-paved sidewalks and felt quite safe.  This peaceful, friendly town seemed a world away from the war that sometimes washes over it.


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  1. That’s Isreal–wow! It looks just like where I grew up in Castaic.

    And people worry we can’t grow apples here in the desert in Las Vegas . . . I’ll be telling people about this town!

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