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Apple Trip
November 14, 2015


We visited the Horne Creek Farm Corn Shucking Frolic this October.  Horne Creek Farm is the home of the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard, a collection of 400 apple varieties that were collected over 30 years by C. Lee Calhoun.  It was indeed a beautiful day of frolic, with bluegrass music, clogging, farming demonstrations, crafts, musket fire, costumed interpreters, Southern cooking, and yes, corn shucking.  If you’re ever in North Carolina the end of October, I highly recommend visiting this State Historic Farm in northern North Carolina near the town of Pinnacle, at the base of Pilot Mountain (known as Mt. Pilot in the Andy Griffith Show).



East African Apple Growing
November 9, 2015


It has been a busy season for the Uganda branch of our nursery.  They’ve spent quite a bit of time traveling to client’s orchards in Tanzania, bringing neglected apple trees back into productivity.  They’ve also hosted growers from Tanzania and Ghana who have traveled to Uganda to learn apple culture by working along side the Uganda team.

We’re happy to say the apple trees are looking great, the training system is working well and the trees are responding.  We’ve shown that it is indeed possible to control the runaway apical dominance and vertical vegetative habit that is typical of apple trees in the tropics and convert it to a calm, productive tree.  While other people are just sticking their toes in tropic apple culture, we’ve dived in headfirst and have been swimming for years, and now the orchards are proving that we’re right.  Uganda site USA site