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Apple Tree Season!
January 31, 2015

Lady Williams 12.12.14

We are grafting orders for shipping the next 6 weeks.  We are one of the few nurseries that deal with apple trees for Texas, Southern California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Alabama.  Oh yes, we also serve Nigeria, Suriname, Hong Kong, and we absolutely own East Africa.  So if you live in a hot climate with low (or even zero) chilling hours, you can still grow apples like these Lady Williams ones in this photo.  Strangely enough, we also ship to a lot of cold climates, as we carry a lot of varieties other nurseries don’t.  So get your order in soon, as once we use up all the rootstocks we pre-ordered, that’s it for the season.

You can see our varieties, books on growing apples in hot climates and the tropics, and ordering information at  Also check out our Uganda apple nursery on Facebook at