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Sorry about the lack of postings lately, the Uganda branch of the nursery has been busy and most of my postings have been on it’s Facebook page.  You can see these updates at

Things are gearing up for the 2015 apple grafting season, I’m organizing scionwood, and putting in orders for bulk quantities of the more popular varieties.  We should start shipping the beginning of February, so if you’re thinking of ordering, get it in soon.  You can order in the USA at and in Uganda at

Scionwood 2015


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  1. I bought your book a couple of days ago and have found it wonderfully inspiring. Being a Floridian, I’m fascinated with the idea of growing better apples here. I’ve ordered 9 different varieties to try and I’ll be writing about my results on my blog (I run Florida Survival Gardening, a popular Florida gardening site). I’m also plugging your site and your book – thank you for putting your research together in such a great book. I also appreciate your openness about your faith. God bless.

    • Thanks David, Florida is also a hotbed of apple growing along with Hawaii and Texas.

      • I’m determined. I really need to get some “King David” to try, then I think my orchard will be complete. I have Ein Shemer (which I hear is insipid), Anna and Dorsett Golden already.

        Coming in the mail: Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Hudson Golden Gem, Liberty, Spitzenburg, Arkansas Black and Sundowner.

        I’m also going to sprout some seeds for additional root stock so I can get some grafts going later this year in case some of the trees fail. Not sure what type of rootstock would be best for Florida with our nematode issues, so I’m going with seedlings and will hope for the best.

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