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Foxwhelp 2014
August 23, 2014

Foxwhelp 2014


Foxwhelp is an English cider apple that is considered a “bitter-sharp”, which means it has lots of tannins. It imparts a richness to cider blends and is usually used strictly for its juice, both in sweet ciders and hard (alcoholic) ciders.

Probably not the same exact variety that was mentioned in Pomona of 1664, it has still been around a long, long time. In a warm climate the sharpness is a bit less pronounced, and it makes a good fresh eating apple for those who like their apples to “bite back”. Its certainly not what you’re accustomed to in the market, where the apples are blandly sweet.

Your English neighbors may be shocked to find it growing in a warm climate, but it does not seem to mind either the lack of chill or the heat and humidity; ours ripened in 95F. weather in mid-August, about three weeks before it does in a colder climate. The appearance was pretty close to the Wikipedia illustration  of those grown in a cold climate. The flesh was crisp, juicy, sprightly, and a bit firm.

Foxwhelp is listed in our regular USA catalog, and we can custom-graft many other cider varieties upon request.  We can usually get just about any apple variety if you let us know by November that you want it the next February. It is prone to scab, just a warning to growers who suffer from this fungal disease. See More