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July 17, 2014

Drackenstein 7.16.14

I’m not sure where I got this variety (Axel Kratel?) but the beautiful apple is very productive here, the first one ripening mid-July (the rest of the ones on the branch are still quite green).  The skin is tough, but the flesh is soft to the point of mealy.  The juice is blandly sweet, almost like Red Delicious, with not a hint of acid.  The result is not very pleasant or exciting, and you have no urge to swallow after taking a bite and chewing the sweet juice out of it.  The mouthful gets spit into the trash can, and the rest of the apple is tossed in there also.  Alas, just another pretty face that gets relegated to our “reject” list you can find at


Outdoor Apple Pie
July 13, 2014

Mama Josie stars in this baking video on how to make an apple pie outdoors.

Outdoor Apple Pie