Reliable Fuji

Reliable Fuji

We tout a lot of Old Southern Apples for our nursery in Africa, but early results in Zambia indicate that the most popular apple to grow there might be Fuji. There’s a few reasons for this, not the least is Fuji’s excellent flavor; crunchy, juicy, and very sweet. The next reason would be its reliability. It takes a while to start bearing, but when it does start, it is extremely reliable, even in a hot climate with little to no chill. It is a tip-bearer, bearing apples only on the tips of branches, so the more tips you make by pruning, the more apples you’ll get. However it does over-set the applets, and clusters like this one should be thinned early on to only one apple, with a hand’s-spread between apples. This is to increase the size of the apples and reduce the tree’s tendency to bear a huge crop of small apples one year, and then hardly any crop the next year.


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