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Fresh Picked Shell of Alabama
May 21, 2014

Fresh Picked Shell of Alabama

Picked the first ripe Shell of Alabama apple May 21st. Just a hint of starch still, but enough sugar to eat the whole thing and enough acid to keep things interesting and leave an “appley” aftertaste on your tongue. Not one drop off the tree yet, despite the heat wave last week. It seems to be much more sun-resistant than Dorsett Golden.


Reliable Fuji
May 11, 2014

Reliable Fuji

We tout a lot of Old Southern Apples for our nursery in Africa, but early results in Zambia indicate that the most popular apple to grow there might be Fuji. There’s a few reasons for this, not the least is Fuji’s excellent flavor; crunchy, juicy, and very sweet. The next reason would be its reliability. It takes a while to start bearing, but when it does start, it is extremely reliable, even in a hot climate with little to no chill. It is a tip-bearer, bearing apples only on the tips of branches, so the more tips you make by pruning, the more apples you’ll get. However it does over-set the applets, and clusters like this one should be thinned early on to only one apple, with a hand’s-spread between apples. This is to increase the size of the apples and reduce the tree’s tendency to bear a huge crop of small apples one year, and then hardly any crop the next year.