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First Uganda Apple
February 27, 2014


They got their first apple at the Uganda nursery, and let me tell you, it’s one expensive apple.  Hopefully it will have a bunch of buddies by next year.  The guy holding it with the cap on is from NARO, the National Agricultural Research Organization, kind of like the Ugandan version of the USDA.  He said the nursery operations were impressive and they look forward to working with us.


Growing Apples in Hong Kong
February 12, 2014


We shipped an apple order to Hong Kong this week.  Yes, I know that Hong Kong is not the first place you think of when someone mentions apple growing, but all in all it was a very smooth experience.  The permitting process was quick and easy, shipping time was four days, and inspection upon arrival was a breeze.  My client already has them potted and on the balcony.

I’ve actually been to Hong Kong in 1985, and am aware of the tropical climate.  But I have no doubt that our apple trees will grow there, and if they follow my directions in my book Growing Apples in the Tropics, they’ll be picking some nice apples in a few years.