Gotta Love It


No, it’s not a flower bush, it’s an apple tree (click on the photo for full-size).  An apple tree on M111 rootstock, grafted in March of this year.  Did I mention it’s in  Uganda, East Africa, where it never gets below 45 degrees?  The variety is Anna, and there are a dozen like it in this field along with Dorsett Golden, all the same size, all blossoming like there’s no tomorrow.  If we allowed them, they’d all have a big apple on the tip bending the tree over so it rests on the ground, and would do that twice a year as their season is endless.  If all apple trees behaved like this, nobody would go hungry.

But much to this client’s disappointment, I’m recommending that all the blossoms be picked off, and the side shoots cut of so that there’s just one shoot being trained as a central leader tied to that stick the label is on.  This tree is way too small to start bearing apples; but there’s no doubt that it could and would if allowed to (you gotta love it).


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