There seems to be a mystery afoot regarding the description of Foxwhelp, a traditional English cider apple.  When the English say “cider”, it is invariably alcoholic cider, and certain apples are used for it that impart qualities to the fermented cider that don’t always taste very good fresh, and some are downright nasty until fermented.

That’s supposedly the case with Foxwhelp, but we found it quite excellent fresh, albeit a bit intense.  It had a nice balance of really tart, really sweet, and very “appley”; moderately juicy, and a faint aroma.  All in all a very nice combination, nothing that I would call “harsh”.

Now I don’t know if our hot climate mellowed it out, or if (like many people suspect) the Foxwhelp in New England of the USA is a different variety from the ancient English one.  Regardless, it is a pretty apple that may find some use here; I’m intending on grafting more of these.


3 Responses

  1. But what a marvelous name, Foxwhelp.

  2. Hi Kevin. Does red delicious apple do well in your area? Thank you.

    • Not really; I grow Hawkeye, the original Delicious variety. Mollies Delicious is unrelated but does much better here.

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