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Gala 2013
July 31, 2013

Gala 2013

We got an excellent crop of Gala apples this year; nice size and pretty good color.  We lost a few to fireblight and still managed to have a load on the tree that I had to thin.  I can’t stand Gala in our supermarkets; they’re crisp and juicy, but bland, mealy, and one-dimensional. 

With our Galas you can sense the Golden Delicious heritage in the crisp texture.  Ours do not have the character and spiciness of fall apples, but they are pleasingly sweet and flavorful and you easily finish the whole apple and could tolerate another.  They fall off the tree when ripe, but still are in decent shape the next day despite a stint in our brutal sun.  We have good hopes for them in the tropics.


Uganda Apple Nursery
July 17, 2013

Nursery 7.3.13

Our Uganda team has done a wonderful job innovating ways to receive, graft, sprout, and transport apple tree seedlings in an area with little to no refrigeration, and has built up an inventory of the finest tropic-adapted apple varieties grafted onto virus-free clonal rootstock.  These seedlings are as good of quality as are being grown in commercial orchards in the major apple-growing regions of the world.  This same team has been extensively schooled on training these trees to be productive in a tropic climate, which requires skill and experience.  The next few years will be the turning point of apple culture in East Africa as the trees and the farmer’s skills start to bear fruit.