Pink Pearl Apples


I have high hopes for Pink Pearl here, as so far it has passed some initial tests.  It is extremely vigorous but set a nice bunch of fruit buds the third leaf on vigorous M111 rootstock.  The branch angles are pretty good and it hails for a hot-summer, low-chill climate.  The one I tasted had a pearly, opalescent skin and a pink-stained flesh that had decent apple flavor with a hint of berry overtones.  We’ll set how the fruit set is this summer and how it tolerates our late summer heat.


3 Responses

  1. By any chance are you also testing the other redfleshed apple varieties of Albert Etter?

  2. I love my Pink Pearl! In the ground for 10 yrs, reliably good tasting crop each year, flesh colors well here in Santa Monica with about 100 chill hrs!

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