Tropic Apples

Tropic Apples
So it’s an apple blossom; whoopee, big deal, we see them all the time. Except this one is in Mumbai (Bombay), India. This really shouldn’t be a surprise, as we’ve seen apples growing all over the tropics, but people just assume that they’re in a cold part of the tropics. OK, for the sake of argument I’d grant that this is in a really cold part of Mumbai (have you ever been to Mumbai?..) but it still never, ever, gets below 56 degrees F. (14 C.) and averages about 100 inches of rain, not exactly what you think of as apple country. This tree is blossoming as they’re starting to get some heat before the monsoons arrive in June. Since it blossoms during the dry season they have a fairly decent chance to set some apples, which we will chronicle later on in July.


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  1. Aloha, I’ve been growing apples In Hawaii for awhile, and 3 years ago got serious about it. Im glad to see some research on growing apples in the tropics, because there really isnt that much info on it. I also own a small nursery here. Would like to purchase some trees.

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