Still Shipping Apple Trees for Spring 2013

We’ve had a very good year, but find ourselves in the position of still having good rootstocks and scionwood. We’ll be able to accept and ship apple tree orders into April, which is typically a good time to ship to the tropics as this is the start of the rainy season for many areas.

Any guesses where the trees in the above photo are growing? Virginia? South Carolina? Maybe even Florida? No, these are in Bangkok, Thailand, and doing very well, thank you. When starting out benchgrafts in soggy climates like this it is important to plant them in either raised beds or pots so that they have good drainage, as without any leaves on the tree there’s not a lot of transpiration going on and the roots end up sitting in water, leading to root rot. A symptom of this is when the bud sprouts a few centimeters and then dies.

We’ve been getting apple tree photos back from Mumbai, India and lowland Uganda also and will be updating the blog with them in the coming days. Lots of other activity in the Caribbean and South America also, so it’s promising to be a banner tropic apple year.

3 Responses

  1. Wow, that is an insane amount of growth for one month! Maybe I need to water more frequently. Making an impact in SE Asian—way to go Kevin.

  2. I love what your doing making so varieties available to the home gardener. I live in San Antonio and for the past two summers I could swear I was in India. I would love to order but I’m having difficulty emailing you with the address posted on your site.

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