Zambia Apples

Dorsett Golden Pair

The above photo comes compliments of a grower in Zambia, who obviously has hit a “sweet spot” for growing quality apples there.


3 Responses

  1. Nice apples, I’ am growing Pink lady, Fuji’s and Arkansas black here in zone 10b muggy South Florida. Pink lady blossoms here but not the rest. Can you give me any advice on fertilizer. I have been unsuccessful with low chill Anna and Dorsett Golden. By the way have you tried pears yet?

    • We mulch around the base with shredder chips and not much else; composted manure can be spread at the base if your soil is really sandy. Fuji takes 5 years to start producing, not sure why Anna and Dorsett aren’t working for you? Pears have too much fireblight in muggy climates so I haven’t messed with them.

      • Anna and Dorsett don’t last long. For me they blossomed during the rainy season and then succumb to little worms. Pink lady blossoms right before the rainy season but needs a partner. Thank you for your advice.

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