New Book Release- Growing Apples in the Tropics

Cover Image_Page_1I’m happy to announce the release of my new book, Growing Apples in the Tropics, The Complete Guide to Growing Apples Where They’re Not Supposed To.  I believe this is the first book of its kind, which gathers information from many parts of the world and brings it all together for  rural tropic farmers that enables them to grow quality apples, even if they’ve never seen an apple before.  For centuries apples were grown without farm machinery or refrigeration, and the book shows insights on how this was done, but also combines it with the latest university research and methods.   Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to apples and apple history
  • Apple varieties and rootstocks suited to the tropics
  • Apple diversity and pollination
  • Apple benchgrafts (infant apple trees)
  • Planting the trees
  • Training for productivity in the tropics
  • Tasks through the season
  • Grafting and propagation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Apple pests and diseases
  • Post-harvest handling
  • Value-added products (dried apples, cider)
  • Apple cooking recipes
  • Useful apple links

Profusely illustrated with color photographs and drawings, it is in a large format and 88 pages.  It is available for purchase ($15 USD) in .pdf download version from our tropic apple website at


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