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August 28, 2012


This apple caught me by surprise while walking through the garden; it’s on my Fuji multi-graft “Frankentree”.  The variety is Arkcharm, a University of Arkansas introduction.  It’s ripening right on time, the end of August, and I’m quite anxious to taste it as the flavor is supposed to be quite good for a summer apple.  The description says it doesn’t keep well, but it does fill in the schedule between Hawaii and WIlliams Pride and Bramley, the next apples to be ripening.  We’ve had days in the 100’s and quite warm nights, and so the coloring is excellent and the size and shape are good too.  I may have to do more testing of this apple.

Raspberry Plant Tissue Culture
August 4, 2012

Well I had to apologize to a raspberry plant today.  I’ve been messing around with tissue culture and successfully established bush cherry and blueberry, but have had failure with raspberry.  Someone had just asked me how it was going and I pronounced raspberry as utter and complete failure, a pox on them.  But while tossing away the dead ones I found out that behind those vials were a batch where the majority of the Ukee raspberry was putting good growth on after only a couple weeks. 

So I’m cautiously optomistic that we’ll be able to have raspberry established in culture.  And next time I’ll look twice before bad-mouthing a plant that is obviously giving its all.