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Blueberry Plant Tissue Culture
July 29, 2012


One of the hardest parts of Plant Tissue Culture is establishing the plant in-vitro (means “in glass”).  This involves taking a cutting from a field-grown plant and trying to get it to revert to a juvinile stage where it has tiny leaves and grows vigorously and puts out multuple shoots, which you divide up into more vials to muliply the variety.  These little guys (Sunshine Blue Blueberry) are about six weeks old and are showing good form. 

I tried to purchase in-vitro blueberry already established and virus-indexed from the major nurseries and propagators who supply those nurseries, but none of them would even talk to me, even though they knew I don’t intend nor have the capacity to offer blueberry commercially (hiss-boo on them).  Thus I’m on an adventure to figure out ways of establishing blueberry culture at home, which is coming along nicely; maybe they were doing me a favor…