I have mixed feelings about the fruit set on our Minnie Royal and Royal Lee cherry trees; the blossoms did overlap but they’re about 25 feet from each other with nectarine and peach trees in full blossom between them.  I can see how bees could get distracted and not cross-pollinating as well.

On the other hand, this is the best cherry set we’ve had from it; not a bumper crop, but about 50 cherries on one and 25 on the other.  We’ll see how they develop, but this is much improved over last year.  I’ll graft branches from each other this summer to help the easily-distracted bees cross-pollinate them, and hope they reach full production in the next few years.  Still, cherries in lowland Southern California, who would have ever known?


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  1. That is just really interesting. I have two cherry trees here in South GA. An English Morello that is in its five year and a NorthStar planted last year. The Morello is loaded with buds and even the Northstar has some. I am counting on the Morello heritage in the Northstar to help make it function down here. Cherry leaf spot is what I have to watch out for here.

    By the way, in a store called Fresh Market, an upscale grocery store I was in yesterday, I saw Honeycrisp for almost $4 a pound. LOL You might want to store your HoneyCrisp in a bank.

  2. We have 2 Royal Lee and 1 Minnie Royal. 3 years old now and they actually set fruit the year they were planted. Looks like things happen a bit earlier out in Riverside than in the west San Fernando Valley. I noticed just one fruit set as of Sunday morning, but the vast majority of our buds have not even bloomed yet.

    Last year was in the 20-50 per tree range, but the birds got most of them. The ones we did get to first were pretty good. I’m hoping for enough for birds and us this year.

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