Out With the Old, In With the New

I picked the last Lady Williams apple today, a few weeks earlier than last year (it was good; juicy, with a nice tart/sweet combination, definately on the tart side).  And of course, the first blossoms on Dorsett Golden today caught me by surprise, as it always does and then I start scrambling to check other trees in town to see if they’re still dormant enough for me to cut scionwood off of them.

Checking my logs the Dorsett Golden blossom is right on time, which means Anna is due in a day or two also and I also need to cut that scionwood.  I don’t know why this catches me off guard every year, maybe because I get caught up in “dormant period” tasks when we really don’t have a dormant period.  I don’t envy the ice, snow, and misery of my northern fellow growers, but I do envy the true “down time’ they enjoy when they can retire to the barn and sharpen and maintain equipment, look at catalogs, and generally plan the new year while the orchard sleeps under a blanket of snow and then wakes up all at once in an orderly fashion in late April.  Here the bloom lasts 5 months and I’ll be fighting earwigs and codling moth the whole time.

But I will admit the weather this week has been glorious, around 80 every day for the high and in the mid-50’s at night with a nice breeze to cool you off around noon under a deep blue sky and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  The citrus is starting to ripen and so I’ll feature a couple of oranges in the next few days.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Do you think a multiple budded tree with just anna and dorset golden would work well if they were pruned to similar sizes throughout the year? If so, would now be the best time to do the grafting. My buds are getting ready, but haven’t broken yet.

    • Yes, a multi-graft tree with these two varieties works well and aids in pollination. This is a good time to do the grafting if the buds have not burst yet.

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