Zambia Update 12-31-2011

I received the above photo from Zambia today; this is a row of Dorsett Golden trees that were planted from benchgrafts 21 months ago (notice the rock limb spreader).  These beauties blow away anything that’s in the market there.  Anna was harvested earlier, and both come into bearing quite early in their lives.  The elevation here is about 1,100 meters and it rarely if ever gets below 50 degrees, meaning it gets zero chilling hours. 

The “blockish” shape on the apples is typical, as is the pink blush on the sunny side.  These trees are quite happy here and will get pretty big, producing a crop of apples and a crop of scionwood for propagating new trees every year.  They will also adapt to the tropic climate and have less “blind  wood” (branches without leaves) in future years.


2 Responses

  1. It is good to see apple in the tropics! I am from Ethiopian High Lands having 1000 apple trees in the hotel property.

    • Yes, I’ve heard Ethiopia is a hot bed of apple growing, lifting many out of poverty. What varieties are you growing?

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