Apple Camping

Well, I thought I was going to finally give my wife an apple-free weekend, as we took advantage of glorious late October weather to take our neglected teardrop camping in the mountains.  It was near-record highs of 72 degrees during the day (felt much warmer in the sun) but the dry air from the desert dropped down to a chilly 28 degrees during the night.  We dropped the teardrop off at our camping space in the morning and then drove off on our business, which caused quite a stir.  The folks camping next to us came over after we returned and said we could have sold tickets for tours, as people were walking over all day to walk all around the teardrop, taking photos, trying to peer in the windows.  Indeed that evening a half-dozen groups came over to say hi and get a good look, with the tent-camping ladies being most impressed by the mattress, sheets, down comforter and feather pillows we’d be sleeping on.  We gave out a few business cards for the teardrop plans.

But the day before we left I got an email from someone in Seven Oaks near where we were to camp, asking some pruning questions and if I’d come see their club’s orchard sometime.  I responded we’d be in the area and would be happy to.  I then got an email from a neighbor who also wanted me to see their orchard and plans for expansion, and a couple of his neighbors would also like to tag along.  So Saturday we spent much of the day walking historic orchards, talking apples with folks, enjoying a tremendous hamburger at the Seven Oaks resturant, and they driving some mountain back roads enjoying the fall scenery.  We heard the fishing was good, but we were content just to stroll along the stream.  Not a bad way to wrap up the month of October.


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