Apple Radio

While speaking at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens I was approached afterwards by Lisa Mullins, who happens to host an NPR program called “The World”.  She asked if I would do an interview on the origins of apples and how they found their way to the USA.  They arranged for me to visit a studio that was on our way through Concord, NH and she interviewed me from their home studio WGBH in Boston.  It was a hoot to do and they even had me crunch an apple on the air, the radio debut of Black Oxford (saved from obscurity by John Bunker of Fedco Trees in Maine). 

You can see the article at and listen to the podcast at

Since the interview came out I’ve had a lot of people from the tropics emailing me with a lot of questions, specifically if apples will grow in their climate.  They can see our Tropic Apple Body of Knowledge at and see what’s entailed in ordering apple trees at



3 Responses

  1. Enjoyed listening to your piece today, congratulations.

  2. Black Oxford as I recall has a yielding crunch, palpably captured in your ‘cast.

  3. We have several trees planted here at different elementary schools; I hope it keeps it’s quality and color in the heat.

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