Wickson Crab

The description for Wickson is:

Wickson Crabapple California, 1930’s An Albert Etters hybrid named after Edward J. Wickson, who was called the “Father of California Agriculture” and a mentor to Etters and Luther Burbank. Originally bred for cider, the crisp, yellow-fleshed golf ball-sized apples pack a lot of flavor into a small package, and excel in making flavorful cider, both sweet and hard.  They’re also good for eating out of hand.”

The example shown here is actually humongous, as they usually run a bit smaller.  The ones we found in New England were much rounder and mostly yellow with a red blush on the cheeks, and decidedly hard and tart.  Here in our heat we found them to grow larger and redder, with a markedly crisp, juicy texture and sweet spicy flavor that packs a lot into a tiny package. 

 The tree is very dependable and gave us a good crop in a year codling moth decimated other varieties; I’m not sure why it escaped this fate, other than maybe blossoming later.  It definately favors a bit of summer heat and is well suited for our area.  Below is an example from the same tree in a previous year.


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