Apple Tasting

This is the debris from the apple tasting this evening where my friend Axel from Santa Cruz brought down about a dozen late summer varieties he grows.  The flavors ranged from sweet to tart, anise and licorice to cinnamon and spice.  It was interesting to compare our tastes, with him preferring sweet and honeyed while I prefer tart and spicy, which is all OK; there are plenty of apple varieties that every person can have their own favorite apple.

One of the varieties was Pink Pearl, a red-fleshed apple.  I had always heard red-fleshed apples were on the tart side and just a gimmick, but this one was quite decent, sweet and spicy.  You wonder if your eyes are fooling you into thinking you taste a hint of berry, but we both agreed that we did indeed taste either strawberry or raspberry. 

Our climates couldn’t be more different; he’s in the mountains with very cool, foggy summers and comes down here to warm up a bit.  We’re sick of the heat and wouldn’t mind cooling off for a while; what grows up there may not necessarily do well down here.  But that doesn’t stop us from exchanging scionwood every winter to grow out different varieties to see what happens; I may try Pink Pearl this year just to see what happens.  Thanks for the visit and apples Axel!


4 Responses

  1. And I always suspected that Axel and Applenut were the same person.

  2. No, there’s more than one of us low-chill apple freaks out there. We baked the remnants of the tasting into a tart with a harmony of flavors.

  3. omg.. this is what I want to find to figure out what the heck I’m going to plant. The Santa Cruz mountains have lots of wine tasting, but I haven’t seen apple tasting signs hanging around. He must be very close to the coast if the summers are foggy… it gets really hot in Big Basin, for example.
    Kerry – building the Belgian fence of Belmont… someday

  4. Ooh, I wish I’d been present for that tasting! I love Axel’s apple photos and he grows some very interesting stuff. I’m sure you do as well!

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