More Zambia Trees

My friend Damian in Australia asked if I had any photos of a full tree in the orchard in Zambia, and thus this post.  Notice the ingenious use of rocks as limb-spreaders.

Soon this tree will have limbs heavy with apples, and so they should be trimming the lower branches off up about 60cm so that they;re not drooping on the ground.  Not being ones to waste anyting, these trimmed-off limbs can be used for grafting onto other rootstocks (possibly started from seed from the apples harvested this year), as limb-spreaders, or as stakes for tying the other limbs in a more horizontal fashion to develop strong crotch angles. 

This tree has a nice trunk girth on it and is doing well; note the drip tubing, advanced for this part of Africa.


2 Responses

  1. I’m loving the rocks.

  2. Stick shortage.

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