Zambia Update 9.2.2012

As far as we know these are the first apples grown in Zambia.  They are the second crop this year from the Anna tree, and are typical for the fall crop; smaller, highly-colored, and highly flavored.  You can already see the blossoms of next spring’s crop, as each bud on that fat branch are flower buds.  If they thin them heavily the spring crop will consist of absolutely humongous apples. 

Anna is best pollinized by this beauty, Dorsett Golden, which is a great apple in its own right, and can also get humongous if thinned properly.  They will both fruit reliably year after year.  They do not keep well and bruise easily, so the best way to preserve them is to slice and dry them; they make tasty snacks and when cooked into pie they are indistinguishable from fresh apple slices.

This farm is well-tended and promises to bring apple production to Zambia; we’re happy to be a part of it.


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  1. Got any photos from further back that show the entire tree?

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