Gala Drops

The Galas are starting to drop en masse off the tree; most have codling moth stings but some are sound and still dropping.  The ones I can pick up before the sun bakes them are pretty good already, even if a bit green; they have a cinnamon aftertaste that is very “appley”.  They have a good crunch and are quite juicy, and everyone I’ve shared a slice with today say it reminds them of how lousy the store apples are right now (they’re never that good even at their best).  We’re still in the peach and plum mode to be thinking much of apples, but these Galas are a teaser of what’s to come.  I hope a few hang on the tree to pump some more sugar and flavor in.

One Response

  1. I have not tried planting A Gala for just the reason you spoke of, the store Galas are so tasteless. I have room for one more tree in my yard. I am thinking about the Rubinette you have posted about in your Favorite list.

    I am not sure why but at least so far, the codling moth has not been a problem for me here in South GA.

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