Weird July Weather

In Southern California June Gloom usually gives away to July Fry, with normal highs around 98 degrees.  We had a few days of that, but mid-July we had a return to downright foggy mornings, never burning off during the day and staying in the mid-70’s.  Not that we’re complaining mind you, especially while we watch in horror the heat waves in the Midwest and Northeast. 

To add to the last day of July’s weather weirdness, the remnants of Hurricane Dora off Baja Mexico made it’s way up here to bring the longest mid-summer showers we’ve had in years, complete with some good old-fashioned thunder.  I know you easterners are snickering, but we usually won’t see a drop between the end of April to November.  Again, it’s nice to wash the dust off the leaves and our cars, and it’s weird to walk outside in the rain and it be warmer than in the house (all our rains are winter storms).  I would be scared of fireblight making a return, but next week promises to be back up in the high 90’s with low humidity, a death knell to fireblight bacteria.  We’re fully confident our notorious heat will have it’s way with us by Halloween, the end of the 100-degree season.


5 Responses

  1. Do y’all have to deal with brown rot on your fruits or does the low humidity help there is well? Brown rot here has me spraying every two weeks.


  2. No problems with brown rot or any other fungal diseases for that matter except fireblight; 105 degree heat and 15% humidity usually prevents any of that.

  3. How are the low chill cherry trees holding up?

    Mine arrived on Gisela 5 rootsock already 8 feet tall.

    • We got good blossoms on Minnie Royal and Royal Lee, as well as Lapins and Royal Rainier, but a cold, damp spring led to a distinct lack of honeybees. A cherry grower told me that without bees you’ll get squat, which is what we got; only one cherry per tree (which were very good at least).

      • So far, here in South GA, my Morello and North Star sour cherry trees have survived this brutal summer with very high heat index temperatures. I see some leaf spots in the last week so I had to spray for that.

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