Yummy Anna

Anna apple played me this year.  We had an unusually long, cool spring and the first Annas to ripen were bland and insipid, then annoyingly astringent, and then mushy.  The ones hanging on the tree too long started rotting from the bottom, and I was beginning to wonder about all the nice things I’ve said in the past about it.

But then some heat hit, and what a difference.  When picked just a bit green from under the shady canopy of the tree, the flavor and texture are now perfect, reminding me much of a well-grown Golden Delicious in both flavor and texture (not surprising given that one of Anna’s parents is Golden Delicious).  Even 20 minutes later I can still taste the acid on my tongue and have a bit of spicy aftertaste.  Mama also made applesauce with big chunks, more like pie filling, which is delicous.  We tried drying them this year and that is also excellent, absolutely blowing away ones from the store.  I think McDonalds and other resturants should serve dried apples of good varieties instead of those bland slices of CA storage apples; if you could get people to sample them, they’s go like hotcakes.


3 Responses

  1. We just cleared the last of the GoldRush out of the cooler and it still tastes pretty good, it also makes excellent dried apple chips. How is Pristine doing? I expect ours by the end of the month

    • We have a good fruit set on our tiny GoldRush tree this year; it’s very reliable in our climate. Oddly enough Pristine is a fall apple for us, not ripening until at least September, maybe later this year. It was excellent last year.

  2. I still have a few Anna apples in my fridge. They are excellent having a flavor, and color very close to a Pink Lady. Odd, on mine, a peeled Anna is much better tasting than leaving the peel on even though I like the peel on most apples.

    I thinned mine very hard this year and that paid off in better apples.

    I may try my first graft by top working a big limb that need to go on the Golden Dorset with scion wood from the Anna.


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