They’re back…

The good news is that we got a good fruit set this year.  The bad news it that I’m getting absolutely hammered with codling moth, the worst I’ve seen.  I suspect they’ve taken up residence in the canyon live oak next door and are here to stay.  I tried bagging some apples in clear plastic bags, but our heat has arrived and many just cook inside the bag.  Spraying is out of the question with our extended blossom period (many trees are blossoming merrily along even now in July), so it looks like next year I’ll have to try the sticky ball lures and pheromes. 

A friend in North Carolina said he’s having the worst fireblight in years, and has lost many trees.  Seems like everyone has some pest; if you don’t already have one, one will be assigned to you.


One Response

  1. On occasions, when I have a new apple tree with a couple of apples, I will use window screen material to make a bag around the apples to prevent the squirrels from getting them.

    The silver material might reflect the heat a bit. Not sure it will work on the moth but it might make an interesting experiment for you.

    Brown rot is my biggest problem here in South Georgia..

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