Out With the Losers

I spent the afternoon shredding apple trees today.  That may sound odd to you, but these are the losers from the apple trials I am constantly doing, cycling through about 15-20 varieties per year.  “Unworthy” varieties this year included Knobbed Russet, Brogden, Kidd’s Orange Red, and Lady.  It is sweet sorrow to part with these, as I had hoped that they would have done well here, but alas, they were bland and mushy, the kiss of death here in hot Southern California. 

But cheer up, we have a new batch waiting in the wings for evaluation, many with a fine pedigree of tolerating heat and humidity.  But nothing happens fast in the apple world, and it may be three or four years before we find out if they are destined for greatness in the tropics, or the shredder pile in late February.


4 Responses

  1. Kevin:

    Can you please share with us the complete list of the 15-20 varieties that did not work?


  2. With all this constant replacements, do you get apple replant disease?

  3. Yes, the replacement trees often get a slow start. Theory is that pathogens are common on the older trees, but their vigor is able to take it. When the new tree is introduced, it isn’t able to put up as big a fight.

    The Hashabi rootstocks from Israel are supposed to be more adapted to this; I’m anxious to try them.

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