Grafting Apples in Zambia

Besides shipping apple trees to the tropics of equatorial Africa, one of our nursery’s aims is to educate farmers on grafting in order to propagate trees both for their own orchard and to sell to other farmers.  We include a DVD of our grafting videos with each shipment that have been well-received by the farmers who have never seen an apple tree before.  This valuable skill ensures that even if we’re never able to send them another tree, they will be able to use their existing resources to increase their orchard and have a side business to raise some much-needed cash.

This fellow is doing a bud graft of Anna onto a rootsotck where the scion didn’t take, and sprouted from below the graft.  By the nice caliper of the trunk the first season’s growth, the tree is very happy here and should be quite productive with this variety.  The trash bag in the background is what he cut up for grafting tape, and that’s a piece of parafilm he’s putting over the bud (helpful, but not always necessary).  He did a good job and the buds are starting to sprout out even before the host tree was cut off above the graft, a very good start.  We thank God to be able to be a part of this.


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  1. It is so amazing that a crop that has never been considered for cultivation grows so wonderfully. I can’t wait to invite Mr. Hauser to our peaciful country Zambia. I so proud to be the first one to plant apples on a scale in this country. My plantation is Mshawa Apple Nurseries,Mtela Village, Chief Mshawa,Chipata district,Zambia.

    • And I applaud Mr. Jere for being brave enough to try farming apples where they never have before. If you ask any university extension they will tell you that apples will not grow in the tropics. This is not because they have ever tried it themselves, but they just quote other expert’s books who quote other expert’s books and so on, perpetuating the myth.

      Of course we have done research and found excellent apple varieties that withstand the heat and humidity, and if someone had tried an unsuitable variety like Northern Spy, it would have failed and from this they would assume that all apples would fail.

  2. It is realy intersting apple growing in tropical africa. I am venturing to mix apple plantation with hotel in Ethiopian highlands. The passion keeps me going. next time I will send the foto.

    • Thank you Aemero, I’d love to see them.

  3. I met Donald Jere today who explained to me the whole interesting venture of growing this beautiful fruit in Zambia. I got very interested that i hope to plant some indiginuos apple tree to suit our tropical climate. looking forward to learning and interacting with the local and expert apple growers around the world

  4. Id really like to grow apples too. How do i get hold of you

  5. thank you for your conversation they have inspired me to knot that Anna Apple trees are about to do well here in the tropical region….
    Mr Donald Jere, do you have recent photos or clips of your plantation?

  6. We would love to start growing apples in Chilonga, Zambia. Could you kindly contact us?

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