Fall and Spring


This photo was a week ago, when the apple trees were finally looking like it was fall.  Since then the temperatures shot up into the 80s, wind blew all the leaves off, and today Dorsett Golden and Anna started to swell and show red tips on the terminal ends.  This caught me by surprise and I cut all my Dorsett Golden scionwood and now it’s packed in wet sawdust and safely in the freezer, where it will sleep for a couple months until we’re ready to graft.

 Keeping it frozen between 24 and 28 degrees has been tougher than I thought.  Most freezers, especially the new ones, will not get that warm, and the new refrigerators absolutely will not get that cold.  However my 5-year-old Franklin Chef dorm room refrigerator holds that temp quite nicely, and I’ve kept a carton of water frozen for a couple of weeks as a test.

It may be warm and dry for the rest of the month after getting a record wet and cold December, and so we can expect full blossom on both trees within a week or two.  I raid a neighbor’s Anna tree for scionwood, and so I’ll have to go over there tomorrow to see if there’s any yet that hasn’t sprouted (there usually is).  It will join the Dorsett Golden in the freezer awaiting that big day in March when our rootstocks arrive and they both go on a ride to tropic parts of the world.


2 Responses

  1. Our Dorsett Golden at 4200′ in the mountains east of San Diego was budding out last weekend. Low temps have only been around 40 the past week or so. Good thing Dorsett Golden tends to recover from frost, as I believe we are still due for some “normal” winter here in the Southern California

  2. Hi Matt!

    Yes, I’ve seen ice on the petals and it still fruit OK. Hope you’re both doing well.

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