No, it’s not a mummy; it’s our avocado tree.  Actually it’s the third avocado tree we’ve planted in this same spot.  The first one froze to the ground in the devastating 2005 freeze that wiped out 1/3 of the avocado groves around Fallbrook, and the 2nd one got mowed down by a stolen truck crashing through our yard.  Arctic air has followed behind this last storm and will bring unusually cold temperatures through this weekend, and so we’re taking no chances on this tree, as we really hope to get some avocados some day.  The day looks nice and sunny but it never got out of the 40’s, which is bitter cold to us wussy Californians.  My apples laugh at weather like this but the banana tree across the street is much more nervous.


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  1. what we do with trees is to make a shade cloth or plastic sorround for them, the top is never closed for some reason.

    Think of a pipe on its end effect.

    That keeps mangoes going through frosts etc.

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