Cocktail Grapefruit 2010

We interrupt this apple harvest to bring you the beginning of our orange and citrus harvest, and we’ll start today off with the Cocktail Grapefruit.  It’s actually a Pumello hybrid, but I guess the word Pumello isn’t as marketable as grapefruit.  The tree is vigorous and as you can see insanely productive.  But instead of large, sour, thick-rined grapefruits, these are deliciously sweet without any added sugar needed.  And I don’t mean just sweet, I mean really, really sweet.  Last year they were blandly sweet, but this year, yowza- they have a ton of acid to balance that sweetness, so much that my tongue and lips are still tingly-burnt from all the acid 10 minutes after eating one. 

I like it better than our best orange juice, which is saying something as here in Riverside we grow the best juice oranges in the world (eat your heart out, Florida).  Juicing is the highest use for this fruit, as there’s not much flesh inside; they’re almost all juice and it’s like wringing out a sponge when you squeeze them.  They have lots of seeds but they’re really big and easy to pick out.


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