Fall 2010

It’s still officially fall for a couple more weeks, and so a few of our trees are on time with starting to drop their leaves.  However others are tooling merrily along, still ripening apples and not even thinking of dropping their leaves yet.  The changing leaves and apple harvest gives us a taste of fall, sorely needed since today was 85 degrees and Monday is supposed to hit 90, even out at the normally-cool beaches.  I winced when I saw the news of the poor folks in the upper midwest in the bitter cold and snow.  This may be our last fling for a while, as by the end of next week we’re due for some rain and snow for the mountains, with storms stacked up that will hit us in waves (always good news for arid Southern California).

Our summers are miserably hot and smoggy, and make you wonder why we live out here.  Its days like today that remind you why.


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