Rwanda Update Oct. 26 2010

Thank God, the first orchard we sent to Rwanda in February of 2009 bore apples this year.  They had about 30 total, but 25 of them were stolen; the local police and military got involved and put a stop to this, and so there are still about 5 apples left.

The trees are healthy and obviously like it there, and are already blossoming for the next crop; it appears some of them will bear two crops per year, common in the tropics.  They have done an excellent job of taking care of the orchard, and it will steadily increase in production.  We give God the glory in this for protecting these young trees and providing a way for these women to augment their income, and for giving us such a versatile fruit.  I have to admit, this has been a lot of fun to do.


6 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Are you part of a church or missions group that you are planting these trees with? Just wondering. I have a number of friends that are also in Africa.

  2. Yes, we’re assisting a Christian ministry called Apples for Africa, who helps plant these orchards in the name of Jesus.

  3. Do you mean 30 trees or 30 apples?

  4. 30 Apples.

  5. I certainly hope they can find a way to keep more than 5 of their next crop. Great work!

    What varieties were planted?

    Do you think apple trees in an equatorial area need to be at higher elevations to moderate the climate?

    • Varieties planted were Anna, Dorsett Golden, Dixie Red Delight, Arkansas Black, and Terry Winter. Research in Nigeria and the Philippines show that apples can be productive in the tropic lowlands as well as the highlands; however it is easier to grow them in a drier climate than a wetter one due to foliar disease.

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