This apple has been growing on us the last couple of years.  Originating in the town of Chili, New York in 1875, Stump apple ripens here the end of September and beginning of October.  It insanely overbears and if you don’t thin it, you end up with a bunch of golf balls, which I always do as I don’t have time to thin.  I’ll hand them out at work and folks are amused at this tiny little apple, until they bite into it; their eyebrows raise up and they are amazed at the spicy sweet apple flavor packed into this little fruit.  It has a nice fruity aroma and is firm and crisp, our heat not bothering it at all.  I wish I had enough for a pie or cider. 

It is very vigorous here and reliably bears big crops, and thus is a candidate for export to the tropics where they would be blown away by the flavor.  It cracked badly the first couple of years, but since has grown out of that bad habit.

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