Granny Smith Tree

My friend Damo from Australia asked to see a photo of the entire Granny Smith tree, as his is “tippy with a lot of bare wood” (which means it bears only on the branch tips, and the branches also only have leaves on the tips).  He said it bears heavily though.

In this photo the Granny Smith tree is on the right, and the two left ones are Pink Lady.  All three are on seedling rootstock, but its easy to keep them trimmed to this size by summer pruning (I suspect I have a bit of wooly aphid also, which can stunt the growth).  You may see some tags on the bottom of the middle tree; this is my “Frankentree” that I graft scionwood on from our collecting tours. 

I really like using the seedling rootstock, as the tree bounces back from any borer attacks or irrigation failures.  They pretty much outgrow anything that tries to damage them, and you don’t have to worry about pruning them wrong.  Its like a bad haircut that will grow out and you can try again.


2 Responses

  1. So, how old are these trees? Counting from the age at which the orders are when you mail them
    (and I believe it said somewhere that they are about a foot at that point, correct?)

    • These are seedling rootstock trees that are about 7 years old, but have been severly whacked and are a shadow of the size they would naturally be. In our climate we usually get at least six feet of growth the first year, and branches the second.

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