I just bit into the best Granny Smith of my life.  It had fallen to the ground after a thunderstorm today, with a codling moth hole in it, and so I expected mushy blandness (especially after Monday’s 113 degree heat).  What I got instead was a crispy, very juicy, wonderfully sweet/tart zingy appley treat.  Never had I tasted anything like this in the store, nothing even close.

Granny Smith does wonderfully here, always producing large crops, seems to be self-fertile, and blooms a long time to pollinate other apples.  If you thin them hard they can get huge.  It seems to really enjoy long, hot summers and even direct sun doesn’t make it flinch.  It truly is an heirloom apple, dating from 1875 in Australia, the oldest supermarket variety in existance.  Funny it didn’t catch on in America until the 1980’s; I wonder what other old apples will ever make it to our supermarket after being in obscurity for a century.


One Response

  1. Can we get a phot of the whole tree?

    Mine is very tippy with lots a bare wood, still yeilds great tho.

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