¡Ay Caramba! Hot

I never thought I’d be happy to see 99 degrees, but after yesterday’s 113, it feels pretty nice.  We had a high pressure system yesterday that pushed air offshore, and brought the low desert air smack dab over Southern California, giving us the desert’s weather.  Thus it was 113 in downtown Los Angeles by the coast, while the normally blistering low-desert cities of Needles, Thermal, and Palm Springs were only a chilly 106, frostbite weather for them.  Even Costa Mesa was 96, with the only relief in the mountains at Big Bear at 80 degrees. 

The Fujis are starting to ripen early, so I picked one this morning for my lunch.  They came through the heat without batting an eye, still crisp, juicy, and insanely sweet.  This is no surprise to me, but reassuring none the less.


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  1. Any varieties turning to mush on the tree with this heat?

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