Terry Winter

Terry Winter is starting to drop quite a bit earlier this year.  Usually this Old Southern Keeper hangs on until December, but I’m picking up a half-dozen of them a day from under the tree, and they’re sweet and juicy with a bit of zippy tang, and very hard with a tough skin.  They tend on the smaller side if you don’t thin them hard, and remind us all in taste and texture of mountain-grown Rome Beautys.

It often baffles easterner’s minds to see a “high chill” apple variety bearing like this on our 200 hours of chill, and the excess of bare wood on the tree tells us it’s not exactly happy, but the apple crop is like this every year so I’m happy anyway.  They keep really well and actually taste better after sitting on the ground under the tree in the hot sun for a week or so.  I imagine they’d last half the winter in the crisper drawer, but none of ours ever make it that long uneaten.  We’re trying these in the tropics next spring.


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