Coconut Crunch Apple

I disparaged it earlier in my apple descriptions on our website, but this apple is starting to grow on me.  Bred by prolific apple breeder Garfield Shulz in Homedale, ID, Coconut crunch was supposed to have a dense, chewy texture and taste like a hunk of coconut.  I can’t even taste a hint of that in ours (not unusual for our area), just a sweet-tart apple flavor that’s just a hint on the gritty side.  But the tiny little 2′ tall tree gave  us 5 full-sized apples this year, with not a mark on them while everything else was riddled with codling moth.  I don’t know if they just didn’t see it or don’t like it, but the healthy, productive tree and tolerable apples just might be a winning combination in the tropics.  I bet it would make good pies.


One Response

  1. While the flavor of this apple worked in a pie, its texture certainly wasn’t that of a good pie apple. The Coconut Crunch apple, when cooked and eaten in pie form, is comparable to having the tomato slip out of your sandwich with each bite. It holds together a little too well and is a bit… rubbery? It would probably make an excellent cider apple, with its complex flavor, but I’ll stick with Wolfriver, Granny Smith, and the like, for pies!

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