I had been told Mutsu does well here, but had not tried it yet.  This year my tree gave one apple, and it fell a bit prematurely, a victim of codling moth.  Still, it was crisp, juicy, sweet, and a bit tangy.  These are all good signs, as mushiness dooms many apples to the shredder at this point (which American Summer Pearmain is sadly destined for).


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  1. I got my first Adina off the tree today when it came off as my wife touched it. Was still a bit tart and the seeds were still white.

    Looking forward to my first real Adina when the others get ripe.

  2. We have a Mutsu that is 3 years old and has about 10 fruit. We picked a damaged one and cut it open to find that the seeds were already brown. The flesh is quite dense-textured and crisp, somewhat sour (like a Granny Smith) — not too bad for being a month away from its ripening date. We live near Temecula, so we have very similar climates (a little colder here with occasional frosts). We are both Master Gardeners and are growing over 100 varieties of edible plants on an 8000 ft. If you are interested in trading notes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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