Sierra Plum

This week’s over-achiever is Sierra Plum.  A cutting was given to me a few years ago by an elderly Japanese gentleman (who served under Gen. MacArthur in the Phillipines).  I have no idea where he got it, and Sierra Plum is listed as a wild, insipid-tasting plum also known as Klamath Plum, which obviously does not fit the description of this wonderful-tasting plum.  The leaves if the photos and growth habit are also quite different, and so I still have a mystery plum.  No matter, I’m happy to harvest huge crops off our 3-year-old tree that explodes reliably like this every year.


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  1. We have six wild sierra plum trees along our driveway here in northern california, and four of them produce little yellow plums that are, indeed, kind of tasteless. One produces yellow and red plums like in your photo that are tart but tasty, and the last one gives me deep dark red plums that have a huge sweet plum taste. So I think there are varieties of sierra plum.

    They are an insanely productive tree. With six trees worth I don’t mind leaving most of them to the scrub jays — I can still get more plums than I know what to do with. The only problem with them is that they’re so small, which means the flesh to pit ratio is kind of low. I usually just eat them out of hand. yum.

    • I checked with Dave Wilson Nursery, and they said Sierra Plum originated in the Sierra Nevada during the miner 49’er days; they carried it about 15 years in their inventory.

      If you thin them to a hand’s spread apart, they get big as chicken eggs.

  2. Sierra Plum was included in a taste test at Andy Marianni’s orchard in Morgan Hill. Andy is a member of the Santa Clara CRFG and all around good guy. Of the 60 fruits I tasted that day this plum was my fav. Got scion wood, the graft took but have since moved. Will need to try again.

  3. I found that and Sanhedrin Nursery are offering the Sierra plum for sale. The plum size and coloring in your photo looks about the same as the one on the website. I ordered one and hope it too produces in my low chill environs here in Carlsbad.

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