Stonefruit Overload

The perfect storm of stonefruit hit us this week, and we were blindsided by ripening stonefruit such as Panamit nectarine, Donut peach, Royal Apricot, Arctic Star nectarine, Santa Rosa plum, besides Anna apple, Dorsett Golden apple, and assorted figs, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.  It could be tolerable to let some go if they were mediocre or bland, but instead they are all world-class, exploding with incredible flavor.  If I had to pick a champ it would be the Panamint nectarine which about blows your head off with a sweet-tangy flavor that makes people’s eyes bug out. 

We’re struggling to slice, can, bake, dry, give away, and otherwise put this wonderful fruit to use.  Any one of them by itself would be a welcome harbinger of summer, but all put together its almost more than I can bear.


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